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 knitter. maker. lover of everything woollen and linen.

Before I knitted, I sewed. I’ve always been deeply dawn to things made by hand. I first picked up knitting before the arrival of our first child, and have not stopped ever since. Like many knitters I taught myself the basics from YouTube and many beautifully illustrated blogs. I love knitting garments and when I’m picking a pattern to knit I’m mostly drawn to new techniques and unusual construction methods, though every so often I find comfort in plain stockinette and garter knitting. Wellington city, where we live practically has no summer, this works to my advantage since I get to enjoy knitting with wool all year round. I have developed a strong preference for hard-wearing, low pilling yarn you can wear season after season, softness is a plus but mostly I like to work with something that will stand the test of time.

When our older boy fell seriously sick two years ago, I gave up work to full time look after him at home and in hospital. Knitting truly became my yoga and my therapy. I knitted all day, all the time and I still do. Then naturally came Jane Wool, a boutique yarn shop, where I hope to inspire your creations by stocking a range of high quality yarns.  I’m incredibly proud of many yarns made with New Zealand grown wool here in this sheep loving country, and I complement that with well-loved and often hard-to-buy yarn brands from around the globe. I hope you’ll like our growing list of beautiful yarns, and wish you all the best with your next project.

All in all, knitting/crochet is more than two needles and a string of yarn, knitting is an ancient language, an act of love.

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